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Brand: AEM Electronics | Category: Wiring Harnesses


30-3431 AEMnet Adapter
For 30-6040, 30-6310 & 30-6311
30-3437 AEMnet Adapter
For 30-6610, 30-6611 & 30-6620
30-3438 AEMnet Adapter
For 30-6820 & 30-6821
35-3440-M AEMnet Male Termination Plug
30-3435 AEMnet Adapter
For 30-6320
35-3440-F AEMnet Female Termination Plug
30-3430 AEMnet Adapter
For 30-6030
30-3433 AEMnet Adapter
For 30-6100 & 30-6101
30-3439 AEMnet Adapter
For Wideband Failsafe 30-4900
30-3432 AEMnet Adapter
For 30-6050, 30-6051, 30-6052, 30-6053 & 30-6060
30-3436 AEMnet Adapter
For 30-6600 & 30-6601
30-3606 AEMnet CAN Bus Extension Cable
DTM-style Connectors
Length 2'
30-3607 AEMnet CAN Bus Extension Cable
DTM-style Connectors
Length 5'
30-3608 AEMnet CAN Bus Extension Cable
DTM-style Connectors
Length 10'
30-2213 CD-7 MSD Atomic TBI PNP Adapter Harness
30-2214 CD-7 Holley EFI PNP PNP Adapter Harness
30-2215 CD-7 Vi-Pec/Link ECU PNP Adapter Harness
30-2218 CD-7 Power Cable for Non AEMnet Devices
30-2217 CD-7 OBDII CAN Plug & Play Adapter Harness
30-2216 CD-7/CD-7L Plug & Play Adapter Harness
For Polaris RZR OBD CAN bus
30-2205 AEMNet to NMEA 2000 Digital Gateway
Converts AEMnet Channels to NMEA CANbus Protocol
30-2225 4 Port AEMnet CAN Hub
30-2219 CD-5/7 Carbon Digital Dash Plug & Play Adapter Harness

Product Description

AEMnet is the technology that allows multiple AEMnet enabled devices to share information with each other through a single cable.

AEMnet is an open architecture software and hardware interface based on the CAN 2.0 specification, which provides the ability for multiple enabled devices to easily communicate with each other through a single cable. The hardware connection is made through a Deutsch 4P DTM connector and contains 12 volt switched power and ground (2A max) as well as the CAN data lines. Devices connected to the AEMnet transmit data through this one connection and devices can receive power and ground from this same adapter as well.

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