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COMP Cams Valve Spring Tools UNIVERSAL

Brand: COMP Cams | Category: Pit and Mechanic Gear


4928 Valve Spring Height Micrometers
Range .600"-.950"
5314 1-1000 lbs. Mini Valve Spring Tester
5325 Shaft Mount Valve Spring Compressor
5639 Adjustable On Head Valve Spring Tester
5642 Adjustable Valve Spring Remover
5462 LS Valve Spring Compressor
4903 Indicator Bracket
For Rimac Spring Tester
4950 Valve Spring Height Micrometers
For Beehive Springs
Range 1.600"-2.200"
5315 Mini Valve Spring Tester
Drill Press Flange
5322 Shaft Mount Valve Spring Compressor
5640 Adjustable Valve Spring Remover
5657 Air Operated Valve Holder
5333 Heavy-Duty Manual Valve Spring Compressor
5337 Valve Spring Compressor
5644 Valve Spring Remover Kit
4930 Valve Spring Height Micrometers
Range 1.600"-2.200"
5316 Mini Valve Spring Tester
Calibrated Test Spring
5321 Shaft Mount Valve Spring Compressor
5324 Shaft Mount Valve Spring Compressor
5601 2000 Valve Spring Compressor
4929 Valve Spring Height Micrometers
Range 1.400"-1.800"
5323 Shaft Mount Valve Spring Compressor
5643 Adjustable Valve Spring Remover
5645 Adjustable Valve Spring Remover

Product Description

Adjustable Valve Spring Removers

  • Engineered from billet aluminum with heavy-duty construction to handle even the heaviest spring pressures
  • Fully adjustable for different valve angles
  • Screw mechanism maintains position to easily remove/install valve locks
  • Retainer housing reducer for use on COMP spring changers, particularly for use on our adjustable valve spring removers on smaller diameter springs (eg. Beehive or Ford Modular Springs)

Valve Spring Compressors
Built from an exclusive design valve spring removal tools are engineered specifically to work with all GM Gen III/IV LS-type or Small Block Chevy and Small Block Ford engines. The easy-to-use custom design enables the removal of one or two valve springs at a time without the hassle of removing the rocker stand or any of the other installed rockers. The tool works both with cylinder heads installed on an engine in a vehicle or with the cylinder heads off. The simple design facilitates easy usage in vehicles where other tools are incapable of reaching the tight spaces.

Heavy-Duty Manual Valve Spring Compressor
Our super-duty compressor is constructed of a welded steel box-tubing frame and an over-center type clamping device that can compress any valve spring. The compressor arm slides up and down for adjustment and utilizes a locking pin for speed and ease of use. A base is offered to hold the unit upright in order to use the compressor in conjunction with a mini spring tester.

Valve Spring Compressor
The proprietary wave beam design of this 2000 Valve Spring Compressor provides ultra rigidity in a lightweight package. This heads off spring compressor features a dual adjustable design that allows for perfect positioning and easy access to valves and springs. The spring cage has a small 1” inside diameter flange that works perfectly with most popular valve springs.

Deluxe Universal Overhead Spring Compressor
The Deluxe Universal Overhead Valve Spring Compressor easily removes valve springs on most cars and light trucks. This versatile spring compressor can be used with the cylinder heads on or off the engine. The unique tool features a removable handle that allows for use with a 5/8” socket or wrench in confined areas and an extra-long leg for other applications. For best results, use with our 14/18mm Air Operated Valve Holder (#5657) to pressurize the cylinder and keep the valves in place during removal of the springs and keepers.

Shaft Mount Valve Spring Compressors
If you’ve ever tried to remove high pressure valve springs with shaft mounted rocker arms while the cylinder heads are still on the engine, you know what a chore it can be. The COMP Shaft Mount Valve Spring Compressors are designed to facilitate valve spring removal on heads with shaft mounted rockers.

  • Bolt tool shaft in place of rocker shaft, place tool feet over retainer, slide on handle and pull down to compress spring
  • Once valve locks are removed, flip tool out of the way and remove spring
  • Simple reassembly

Valve Spring Height Micrometers

  • Quickest, easiest, most accurate way to measure valve spring installed height
  • Install just like a valve spring, then tool is expanded until it fully seats valve, locks and retainer
  • Simulated installation allows ultra precise readings
  • Tool is read like a micrometer and is accurate to .001”

Adjustable On Head Valve Spring Tester
A great way to check spring pressure on an assembled engine, this billet aluminum tool fits onto your rocker arm for quick pressure checks.

  • Adjustable to use with almost any rocker length
  • Measures pressures up to 600 lbs.

Mini Valve Spring Tester

  • Designed to be a portable and low cost alternative to bench top style spring testing
  • 0-1000 lb. tester scaled in 20 lb. increments
  • Can be placed in a vise, used with an arbor press or used in a drill press (w/ flange)

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