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DEI Starter Shield - Versa-Shield UNIVERSAL

Brand: DEI | Category: Engine Dress Up / Accessories
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010384 Mini Versa-Shield
Size 5.25in x 16.5in
010402 Versa-Shield
Size 7in x 24in

Product Description

Versa-Shield was designed to protect starters from potential failure caused by under hood heat soak conditions. Constructed using an aluminized heat reflective material backed with a hi-temp rated glass fiber insulation barrier, Versa-Shield is capable of reflecting radiant heat up to 2000°F.

Simply wrap desired component with Versa-Shield and trim excess material. Edges attach to itself using a hook & loop edge closure design. In most cases there is no need to remove component when installing Versa-Shield.

  • Withstands 500˚F of direct heat/2000˚ radiant
  • Edges attach to itself with hook & loop closure design
  • Universal-trim length to size
  • Can easily be removed for shows
  • No need to remove starter for installation in most cases
  • Multiple uses to protect master cylinders, cool cans, distributors, fuel pumps & more

Available in 2 sizes:

  • 7” wide x 24” long
  • 5.25” wide x 16.5” long

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