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ETS Silicone Connectors and Clamps UNIVERSAL


UCS200 3' Hose Stick
ID 2in
UCS275 3' Hose Stick
ID 2.75in
UCS400 3' Hose Stick
ID 4in
UH250 Hump Hose
ID 2.5in
USR200250 Reducer Hose
ID 2.00-2.50in
USR225275 Reducer Hose
ID 2.50-2.75in
ID 2.25-2.75in
USR250315 Translator Hose
ID 2.50-3.15in
USR300400 Reducer Hose
ID 3.00-4.00in
3.50 SS T-Bolt Clamp
For 3.5in Hose
Clamp Size 3.50-3.82in
4.25 SS T-Bolt Clamp
For 4.25in Hose
Clamp Size 4.25-4.53in
UC225 Hose Coupler
ID 2.25in
UC300 Hose Coupler
ID 3in
US90200 90deg Elbow
ID 2in
US90250 90deg Elbow
ID 2.5in
US90350 90deg Elbow
ID 3.5in
2.25 SS T-Bolt Clamp
For 2.25in Hose
Clamp Size 2.36-2.68in
3.00 SS T-Bolt Clamp
For 3in Hose
Clamp Size 3.11-3.43in
3.75 SS T-Bolt Clamp
For 3.75in Hose
Clamp Size 3.62-3.94in
UH350 Hump Hose
ID 3.5in
US45225 45deg Elbow
ID 2.25in
US45300 45deg Elbow
ID 3in
US90200250 Specialty 90deg Elbow
ID 2.00-2.50in
4.50 SS T-Bolt Clamp
For 4.5in Hose
Clamp Size 4.49-4.76in
UC250 Hose Coupler
ID 2.5in
UC350 Hose Coupler
ID 3.5in
UCS225 3' Hose Stick
ID 2.25in
US90275 90deg Elbow
ID 2.75in
US90400 90deg Elbow
ID 4in
USR200300 Reducer Hose
ID 2.00-3.00in
UC275 Hose Coupler
ID 2.75in
UC400 Hose Coupler
ID 4in
UCS250 3' Hose Stick
ID 2.5in
UCS350 3' Hose Stick
ID 3.5in
USR200225 Reducer Hose
ID 2.00-2.25in
USR225250 Reducer Hose
ID 2.25-2.50in
USR250300 Reducer Hose
ID 2.50-3.00in
2.00 SS T-Bolt Clamp
For 2in Hose
Clamp Size 2.13-2.44in
2.75 SS T-Bolt Clamp
For 2.75in Hose
Clamp Size 2.87-3.19in
UH225 Hump Hose
ID 2.25in
UH300 Hump Hose
ID 3in
US45200 45deg Elbow
ID 2in
US45275 45deg Elbow
ID 2.75in
USR300350 Reducer Hose
ID 3.00-3.50in
UCS300 3' Hose Stick
ID 3in
UH200 Hump Hose
ID 2in
UH275 Hump Hose
ID 2.75in
UH400 Hump Hose
ID 4in
USR225300 Reducer Hose
ID 2.25-3.00in
USR275300 Reducer Hose
ID 2.75-3.00in
USR350400 Reducer Hose
ID 3.50-4.00in
2.50 SS T-Bolt Clamp
For 2.5in Hose
Clamp Size 2.60-2.91in
3.25 SS T-Bolt Clamp
For 3.25in Hose
Clamp Size 3.27-3.58in
4.00 SS T-Bolt Clamp
For 4in Hose
Clamp Size 3.86-4.17in
UC200 Hose Coupler
ID 2in
US45250 45deg Elbow
ID 2.5in
US45350 45deg Elbow
ID 3.5in
ID 4in
US90225 90deg Elbow
ID 2.25in
US90300 90deg Elbow
ID 3in

Product Description

ETS Silicone Connectors and Clamps will ensure you have proper seals and no leaks in your system. Choose from Straights, 90 degree bends, 45 degree bends, transition hoses and make sure it keeps a tight fir with Stainless Steel T-Bolt Clamps.

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