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Brand: FASS Fuel Systems | Category: Fuel Pumps
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STK-5500BO Fuel Sump Kit
Bowl Only
STK-5500B Fuel Sump Kit
w/o Bulk Head Fitting
STK-5500 Fuel Sump Kit
w/ Bulk Head Fitting

Product Description

FASS Fuel Systems no drop Sump Kit is the latest in our industry leading fuel deliver accessory line. Designed to be capable of functioning independently or in combination with our Fuel Air Separation System, drivers can now get the benefits that come with a sump but without any of the inherited issues.

Like most sumps on the market, our Sump Kit can pull fuel from the outside of the sump through a pre-tapped 1/2” fuel port. However this brings the inherited issues that a line can catch and pull lose. To fix this issue we decided that we would also offer a way to pull fuel from the inside of the tank using our Bulkhead fitting and Suction Tube Kit, effectively eliminating this possibility.

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