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FAST Distributor Accessories UNIVERSAL

Brand: FAST | Category: Ignition Control


1000-1403 Distributor Cap
1000-1550 Large Distributor Cap
1000-5600 Fiber Optic Converter
1000-1408 Wire Retainer For Distributor Cap
1000-1551 Large Distributor Cap Adaoter Kit
1000-1556 Rotor For Large Cap Race Billet Distributor
1000-1560 Distributor Gear Roll Pin
Size 3/16in X 7/8in
1000-1411 Distributor Cap Adapter Kit
1000-1557 Rotor For Small Cap Race Billet Distributor
1000-1558 Pro Race Rotor
305003 Crank Decoder
For FAST LS1/5.7 Hemi
1000-1209 Adjustable GM Slip Collar
1000-1424 Pro Race Optical Trigger Sensor With Weather Pack Plugs
1000-1720 Crank Trigger Distributor
For Holder
Large Cap
1000-5500 Fiber Optic Trigger Assembly
1000-1561 Distributor Gear Roll Pin
Size 3/16in X 3/4in
6000-6727 Crane Ignitio to MSD Distributor Harness
1000-1552 Small Distributor Cap
6000-6717 Race Billet Distributor Adapter Harness
1000-1406 Pro Race Distributor Hardware Kit
1000-1520 Crank Trigger Distributor
For Small And Big Block Chevy
Large Cap
1000-1620 Crank Trigger Distributor
For Ford 289/302
Large Cap
1000-1624 Crank Trigger Distributor
For Ford 351C/426-460
Large Cap
1000-2110 Crank Trigger Sensor Shield
1000-1622 Crank Trigger Distributor
For Ford 5.0HO/351W
Large Cap
1000-2100 Hall Effect Crank Trigger Sensor
1000-2512 HEI Vacuum Advance Canister

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