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FAST E7 CD Ignition System UNIVERSAL

Brand: FAST | Category: Ignition Control
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307222 E7 CD Ignition System
307223 E7 Replacement Mounting Tray

Product Description

When it comes to high compression, screaming RPM and power adders, the E7 Ignition is up to the task. The CD technology of the E7 delivers high output fire power, up to 160mJ of energy, to ignite racing fuel under the toughest combustion chambers!

The high voltage sparks of the E7 are managed by an efficient digital controller coupled with an efficient transformer and capacitor. When the ignition is at idle speeds, there is a series of multi-strikes that help keep your race engine running clear and crisp.

For over-rev protection, the E7 features an adjustable rev limiter along with a second limiter that can be set while staged and waiting for the green light. Both limits are accurately set with positive feeling detent rotary switches. You’ll also notice that the advanced sequential limiter produces a smooth, bang-and-pop free rev limiting action – easy on your engine and ears.

Another useful feature of the E7 is a built-in start retard of 20°. This extra retard rate is active only when the engine cranks over which eases pressure on the starter and flywheel. Once the engine reaches 600 RPM, the timing returns to the mechanical, set amount or programmed timing in an EFI application.

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