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FAST Street Fuel System UNIVERSAL

Brand: FAST | Category: Fuel System
These parts should fit your vehicle, they are universal parts. Click a part number for more information.
30401-FK Street/Strip Fuel System
Master In-Tank Fuel Pump Kit
Includes Hoses & Fittings
30402-PK Street/Strip Fuel System
Base Inline Fuel Pump Kit
Hoses & Fittings NOT Included
30402-FK Street/Strip Fuel System
Master Inline Fuel Pump Kit
Includes Hoses & Fittings
307032 In-Tank Style Street/Strip Fuel Pump
30401-PK Street/Strip Fuel System
Base In-Tank Fuel Pump Kit
Hoses & Fittings NOT Included
307033 Universal In-Tank Retro-Fit
307502 Inline Style Street/Strip Fuel System
30085 Universal Inline Fuel Pump

Product Description

Whether you want to install a new inline fuel pump, or retro-fit an in-tank pump into a fuel tank that was originally manufactured without a pump, FAST has an easy solution for you. All FAST fuel pump kits are designed to work with EZ-EFI, EZ-EFI 2.0 or XFI Systems, flowing the right amount of fuel for the application. Master Kits include the fuel pump system, hose and fittings, while regular kits include the fuel pump system ONLY.

  • Includes high quality OEM-style in-tank retro-fit fuel pump; Submerged pump is cooled by fuel in the tank
  • Advanced technology pump supports up to 1200 HP naturally aspirated on gasoline but will also work w/ E85
  • Support your high HP application with no need for a large inline/external fuel pump or custom dual in-tank pump setup
  • All lines/hoses, black annodized fittings & fuel filter, hose clamps & wiring harness/connectors needed for install
  • Billet black annodized adjustable fuel pressure regulator w/ mount, fuel pressure gauge & fitting/hardware

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