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Flex-a-Lite Airmover UNIVERSAL

Brand: Flex-a-Lite | Category: Pit and Mechanic Gear
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CFM1000 1000 Airmover
Air Flow (cfm) 900
Color Blue
Fan Included :
Material Plastic
CFM200 Commercial Grade Dehumidifier
Color Gray
Fan Included :
CFM3000 Flex-A-Chill 3000 Airmover
Air Flow (cfm) 2600
Color Blue
Fan Included :
Material Polyethylene

Product Description

1000 Airmover
The Flex-a-lite 1000 is a must-have for racers, enabling you to cool your car quickly between rounds. It is also helpful in the garage to quickly clear smoke or fumes, or to keep you cool as you work with a steady stream of airflow.

  • Lightweight and compact-easy to pack and handle High-velocity performance-900 CFM of focused airflow, lets you direct the air where you need it most
  • Very low, 2-amp, power draw-will not over-tax trailer circuits or the generator
  • Multi-position design-direct the airflow where you need it most
  • Daisy-Chain-electrical outlet in housing lets you connect multiple airmovers together
  • Manufactured with durable injection-molded plastic, the Flex-a-lite 1000 is a robust tool that will hold up to years of frequent use for the car enthusiast

Commercial Grade Dehumidifier
The Flex-a-lite 200 Dehumidifier is a compact, commercial-grade dehumidifier to keep humidity under control in garages, protecting cars and tools from rust and preventing mold or mildew in vehicles carpet, door panels and upholstery.

  • Pro-level performance-removes up to 74 pints of water per day at 80 degrees F/60 percent relative humidity
  • On-board humidistat-easily set the optimum humidity level for the space
  • Tough-built design-rotomolded housing, easy to move and store
  • Built-in automatic pumpout-routes condensed water to a floor drain, so there is no worry about emptying tanks.

Use it to dehumidify in environments with temperature at 40-100 degrees F. For shops that are too large for one unit, position two or more around the space. The Flex-a-lite 200 can also be used to remove moisture after leaks or spills, or to help dry wet materials more quickly. When drying out damp spaces or materials, team the Flex-a-lite 200 with the new Flex-a-lite 1000 Airmover for the fastest and most effective drying.

Flex-A-Chill 3000 Airmover
The Flex-A-Chill 3000 from Flex-A-Lite is the Perfect Airmover for the race track, your garage and the dyno cell. With 2,600 cfm of high-velocity airflow that you can direct exactly where needed, the Flex-A-Chill 3000 will cool your car down in a hurry. And it is low, 2.7-amp draw means it will not overtax trailer or generator circuits.

The Flex-A-Chill 3000 was designed for racers to help them cool cars quickly between rounds. The extended height and significant airflow also makes it a valuable tool in a dyno cell to cool an engine on a test stand or a car strapped to the rollers. It is also a great partner for the enthusiast to keep him or her cool while working in the garage.

  • Easily direct air where you need it-The fan body can be rotated on the integrated stand
  • Very low amp draw-only 2.7 amps
  • Variable speed control-for greater airflow versatility16-foot power cord-reach where the airmover is needed without extension cords
  • Lightweight and easy to carry-only 27.5 pounds, and an integrated carrying handle and cord wrap
  • Durable construction-robust rotomolded polyethylene housing
  • Integrated outlet-allows for daisy-chaining up to 4 units on a 15-amp circuit

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