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Megan Racing Universal Muffler - Universal UNIVERSAL

Brand: Megan Racing | Category: Universal Mufflers
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MR-MU-UNIV Universal Muffler
w/o Tip
Canister Length 9.75in
Canister Width 10.5in
Finish Silver Chrome
Inlet Pipping 2.4in, ID: 2.3in
Inlet Pipping 2.5in, ID: 2.4in
Total Height 6.875in
Total Length 15.5in
MR-MU-UNIV3 Universal Muffler
w/o Tip
Canister Length 9.5in
Canister Width 11in
Finish Silver Chrome
Inlet Pipping 3in, ID: 2.875in
Total Height 7in
Total Length 14.75in

Product Description

With law enforcment becoming ever more strict with modifying your vehicle with performance parts, the need for more discreet performance parts have increased to keep a low profile.

Megan Racing universal mufflers are designed with a more conservative Oval design rather than the common Canister style universal mufflers. These are more discreet to law enforcment and although the feature the same perforated-core design as the Canister mufflers that we sell, they offer a deeper more mellow tone due to the increased amount of packing that is contained within the muffler casing. These line of offset inlet universal mufflers are perfect for vehicles that utilize this design for bumper clearance or location.

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