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Moroso Chemicals, Lubes & Filters UNIVERSAL

Brand: Moroso | Category: Adhesives / Sealants
These parts should fit your vehicle, they are universal parts. Click a part number for more information.
34800 Climbing Gear Lube
1 Quart
35000 Moly Paste Assembly Lube
4 oz. tube
35500 Ceramic Engine Seal
1 Pint Bottle
35520 All Weather Seal
1 Pint Bottle
35560 A & B Epoxy
35570 Engine Block Filler
Case of Four 1 Gallon Bottles
Enough for one Block
35571 Engine Block Filler
1 Gallon Bottle

Product Description


  • Two-part bonding product molds like putty, yet hardens to steel-like consistency
  • Does not shrink and is not affected by solvents, oils or gasoline
  • Maximum use temperature of 250°F makes it perfect for repairing intake manifolds, cylinder head intake ports, heads and blocks
  • Also useful for filling crevices in lifter galleries and installing filter screens
  • Can be drilled and tapped when hard
  • Adheres to almost any clean surface and hardens in 60 min. at 75°F
  • One year shelf life
  • Includes easy-to-use applicators


  • High-performance, extreme high-pressure gear lube
  • Multi-purpose applications including manual transmissions and both conventional and posi-traction differentials
  • Contains special “clinging” agents that provide direct adhesion to all moving parts; whereas conventional lubes rely on “splashing and sloshing” to distribute lubricant
  • Increased speed of rotating parts causes continuous film of oil to “climb” and spread over surfaces
  • Insures complete lubrication of gears, bearings, bushings, shift yokes, synchros, etc.
  • Packaged in quarts and gallons
  • Recommended for Moroso Differentials Nos. 83000 and 83020


  • Heavy-duty assembly lubricant is specially formulated to reduce friction and wear on all metal surfaces
  • Extends the life of parts subjected to extreme heat during racing
  • Contains molybdenum disulfide (MoS2), which greatly reduces friction and wear
  • Moly formula coats surfaces with film that chemically bonds itself to metals, filling in the microscopic “hills and valleys” present in all metal surfaces
  • Surface areas coated with Moly Paste™retain an unbroken film of lubricant that reduces metal to metal contact and reduces risk of component failure
  • Recommended for use on cams, lifters, bearings, gears, etc. Very effective when storing an engine

NOTE: Do not use on piston rings and cylinder walls.


  • Just fill with water,mix and pour into block before machining
  • Helps prevent thin cylinder walls from cracking and improves ring seal by keeping cylinders round
  • Also dampens unwanted vibrations
  • Has expansion rate very similar to cast-iron
  • Highly regarded by “Mountain Motor” authority Scott Shafiroff
  • Comes with easy to follow, detailed instructions


  • The best Chemical Sealer you can buy to stop cooling system leaks
  • Works equally well in aluminum or cast-iron blocks
  • Cooling system must be thoroughly clean before use
  • Does not work with antifreeze
  • If this doesn’t stop the leaks, find yourself a welder!


  • Specially formulated to stop cooling system leaks when antifreeze is present
  • Ideal for stopping radiator leaks and sealing cracked blocks in sub-freezing conditions
  • Works best when cooling system has been thoroughly cleaned and flushed

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