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Moroso Drag Tires UNIVERSAL

Brand: Moroso | Category: Tires


17023 DS-2 Front Tires
Size 23.0 x 5.0 x 15
Weight 11lbs
17025 DS-2 Front Tires
Size 25.0 x 4.5 x 15
Weight 12lbs
17026 DS-2 Front Tires
Size 26.0 x 4.5 x 15
Weight 12lbs
17028 DS-2 Front Tires
Size 28.0 x 4.5 x 15
Weight 13lbs
17040 DS-2 Front Tires
Size 24.0 x 5.0 x 15
Weight 11lbs
17050 Drag Special Front Tires
Size 25.25 x 5.5 x 15
Weight 10lbs
17100 Drag Special Front Tires
Size 27.75 x 7.1 x 15
Weight 11lbs
17600 Drag Special Front Tires
Size 29.25 x 7.6 x 15
Weight 13lbs
99410 Tire Cover
Over Tire Style
Size 33.5" x 17.5"x 15"
99421 Tire Cover
Suction Cup on Fender Style
Size 42" x 36"
17029 DS-2 Front Tires
Size 26.0 x 5 x 17
Weight TBA

Product Description


  • Aircraft inspired tread design offers reduced weight,minimal rolling resistance and high-speed stability
  • Asymmetrical tread pattern improves high-speed stability by reducing the tire’s tendency to “walk” at the top end
  • 4-ply nylon construction with high-strength bead provides added durability, especially during mounting and dismounting
  • Ozone-resistant tire compound withstands the harmful effects of the sun and other environmental conditions
  • Tested to 300 MPH with 800 lb. load


  • Tubeless construction and 2-ply nylon cord helps to reduce unsprung weight
  • High cord angle and unique tread design reduce rolling resistance for increased speeds
  • Shallow tread depth increases stability at high speeds
  • Stronger mounting bead withstands higher pressures when adjusting for roll-out

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