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Moroso Dry Sump - Oil Tank UNIVERSAL

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85471 Oil/Air Separator Tank
(2) -12AN Fittings (1) -6AN Drain
Tank Height 6.75"
97570 Dry Sump Tank Oil Cap
22691 2 Piece Dry Sump Oil Tank
Breather -12AN
Inlet -16AN
Oil Capacity 6 Quarts
Outlet -16AN
Size 20" x 6"

Product Description

Moroso Dry Sump Tanks separate air quickly from oil, prevent foaming and insure a continuous supply of oil to the pump under all racing conditions! As the oil enters the tank, it rotates around the tank wall and aerates by spreading over a large surface area, allowing trapped air bubbles to dissipate quickly. This then lets the restored oil flow easily to the bottom outlet of the tank where it can return to the pump and engine.

Tanks are supplied with or without integral filtered breather tanks and all have carefully engineered inlet locations with -AN fittings, large diameter billet aluminum screw-on filler caps and drain plugs.

Moroso Dry Sump Oil Tanks for Sports Compacts feature:

  • Vertical tank with slender 6” dia. is designed to keep a constant supply of oil in lower portion of tank for Sport Compact Cars
  • All-aluminum construction weighs less than 3 lbs.
  • Internal baffling is specially engineered to remove air quickly from the oil
  • Degassing chamber separates air from oil in existing tank
  • Heliarc welded and 100% leak tested for dependable service; includes filler cap
  • Fittings: one -16AN male inlet, one -12AN female outlet, one 3/8” NPT female breather
  • Dimensions: 6” tank diameter, 18” tank length including outlet fitting
  • Capacity: 5 quarts

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