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MSD Atomic EFI Accessories UNIVERSAL

Brand: MSD | Category: Sensors (MAP, IAT, EGT, etc.)


2929 Atomic Fuel Pressure Sensor
2923 Atomic Pre Fuel Filter
2928 Hose Clamp Kit
Qty 10
Size 35/64"-21/32" Dia
2933 Atomic Map Sensor Assy
2927 Atomic 3/8in Fuel Hose
15Ft Length
2931 O2 Sensor Bung and Plug Only
2935 6AN 90 Degree Socketless Fitting
Color Black
Size 6AN
2936 Straight Socketless Fitting
Color Black
Size 6AN
2924 Atomic Post Fuel Filter
2932 Atomic Injector 80Lb Hr
Single Injector
2930 Atomic O2 Sensor Wideband
2934 Atomic Sensor Coolant Temp
2926 Atomic
Fuel Pump Only 625hp
2939 Atomic TBI
TPS Module
0-5 volt
2937 Atomic TBI
Idle Air Control Motor

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