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MSD Pro-Mag 20 Amp Generator UNIVERSAL

Brand: MSD | Category: Ignition Control
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81392 20 Amp Pro-Mag Generator
Chevy V8, Tall
81502 20 Amp Pro-Mag Generator
CW Rotation
Band Clamp
81602 20 Amp Pro-Mag Generator
CCW Rotation
Band Clamp

Product Description

The increased output of the 20 Amp Pro-Mag was born of racers being racers; always asking for more power. This stemmed from drag racers that were using a 12 amp system, but just didn’t require a 44 amp system. The engineers at MSD found out with a few changes to the internals of the generator it would deliver the angriest current through the same Electronic Points Box, PN 8106.

The 20 Amp magneto is a favorite in alcohol slurping engines such as Sportsman Dragsters and Quick 8 racers. There are three different generators available; a band clamp design in both CW and CCW rotation, plus a model built on a Chevy distributor base. All three require the PN 8106 Electronic Points Box. The band clamp versions are equipped with a large Ford style cap while the Chevy version uses a 4 inch cap and both are topped with heavy duty retainers.

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