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Royal Purple Max Chain Aerosol Lube UNIVERSAL

Brand: Royal Purple | Category: Lubricants
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11407 Max Chain Aerosol Lubricant
4oz Can
12407 Max Chain Aerosol Lubricant
Case of (12) 4oz Bottles

Product Description

Max-Chain is recommended for chains and open gears operating in dusty environments. Max-Chain is an advanced, high performance, synthetic lubricant that provides excellent protection for chains, open gears and exposed metal surfaces subjected to severe loading — even in wet, acidic environments.

Max-Chain is a unique, thixotrophic lubricant blended with a solvent carrier. Once applied, the carrier evaporates leaving a tenacious, dry, wax-like film. This non-tacky film effectively minimizes the collection of abrasive dust and other airborne contaminants. The EP properties of Max-Chain greatly reduce wear and effectively extend equipment life. Max-Chain can lubricate up to 400˚F (after carrying solvent has evaporated) and provides excellent protection against rust and corrosion. Max-Chain has a CO2 propellant.

Performance Advantages

  • Easily applied
  • Long lasting
  • Excellent for dusty environments
  • Protects heavily loaded surfaces
  • Excellent corrosion protection
  • Environmentally responsible

Tech Tip:
Max-Chain should be used in an up-right position to maximize aerosol propellant life.

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