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Snow Performance SafeInjection UNIVERSAL

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SNO-30020 Safe Injection Water-Methanol Flow Sensor Fail Safe
Line Style Quick Connect Fittings
SNO-30020-BRD Safe Injection Water-Methanol Flow Sensor Fail Safe
Line Style AN Fittings

Product Description

ultimate safeguard for your engine. Snow Performance SafeInjection is a watchdog that always monitors the system output flow. Designed as an add on to the Boost Cooler water/methanol injection system, Snow Performance SafeInjection provides for a safe tune in those instances where no injection is present and an aggressive tune is utilized. This system reduces boost and/or timing anytime injection quantity goes below the set point regardless of the reason (ran out of fluid, clogged line, etc.). This sets your vehicle into a “safe mode” making your tune instantly conservative for the ultimate in safe water/methanol injection.

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