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STACK Data Logger Accessories UNIVERSAL

Brand: STACK | Category: Electronic Accessories


ST884 Extender Harness Kit
Length 2 x 0.7m, 2 x 1.4m, 1 x 2.1m
ST877 Network Harness
DVL to STACK Dash Display / Logging System
ST918083 CAN ECU Interface Adapter Harness
For MFD / MFR / MF
ST872-935 Wire Harness
For MFD (Multi-Function Display)
Straight Boot
ST918128 Wire Harness
MFD/MFR GPS Interface
ST872-925 Wire Harness
For MFD (Multi-Function Display)
ST570001 Wire Harness
System, Pro LCD Motorsport Display Logger
ST570002 Wire Harness
Sensor Expansion, 4 Ch
Pro LCD Motorsport Display Logger
ST570003 Wire Harness
Extension, DTM, 6 way
Length 2m / 6.5ft
ST875-202 Sensor Interface Harness
for MF & MFR
ST875-402 2nd Sensor Interface harness
For MF2 & MFR2
ST888 Network Extension Harness
Length 1.5m
ST889 Network Expansion Harness
Display, DVL, 3 Modules
ST8995-2 LCD Display Pack
Single Color, 2 line, 40 Character
For MF and MFR Modules
Bezel Color Black
Bezel Style Stack
Cup/Hole Size (Metric) 186mm x 46mm
Cup/Hole Size (Standard) 7.325" x 1.811"
Dial Color N/A
Lens Style Flat, Clear
Outer Bezel Diamter 7.5" x 2.125"
Size (Metric) 194mm x 54mm x 30mm
Size (Standard) 7.5" W x 2.125" H x 1.25" D
ST8996 Pre-2013 Model CAN ECU Option
For MFD and MFR
Incl Wire Harness ST918083
ST900159 Wire Harness
ST918100 CAN Terminator MSS
Stack Network

Product Description

STACK data logger accessories.

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