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Weapon-R Breather Filter UNIVERSAL

Brand: Weapon-R | Category: Universal Filters
These parts should fit your vehicle, they are universal parts. Click a part number for more information.
816-111-101 Super Matrix Breather Filter
Color Chrome
818-112-102 Dragon Breather Filter
Color Red
816-111-102 Super Matrix Breather Filter
Color Red
818-114-104 Dragon Breather Filter
Color Yellow
816-111-105 Super Matrix Breather Filter
Color Purple
818-113-103 Dragon Breather Filter
Color Blue
818-115-105 Dragon Breather Filter
Color Purple
816-111-103 Super Matrix Breather Filter
Color Blue
818-111-101 Dragon Breather Filter
Color Chrome

Product Description

A Breather filter relieves your engine of positive crankcase pressure and recycled carbon vapors from your engine.

Carbon build up will cause a loss of throttle response due to build-up on the throttle body. The Dragon Breather helps resolve that problem, by venting the vapors into the atmosphere. Each kit comes with all mounting hardware.

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