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Zex N2O Accessories - Purge Kit UNIVERSAL

Brand: Zex | Category: Nitrous Accessories


82010 Nitrous Purge Kit
82010B Nitrous Purge Kit
82010R Nitrous Purge Kit
82029 Rapid Fire Pulse Module
82170B Nitrous Purge Cloud Illuminator Kit
Color Blue
82170R Nitrous Purge Cloud Illuminator Kit
Color Red
82175 Dual Outlet Nitrous Purge Kit
82370B Machine Gun Nitrous Purge Kit
82370R Machine Gun Nitrous Purge Kit
NS6533 Nitrous Fitting
82171R Replacement LED Light
For Illuminator Kit
Color Red
82171B Replacement LED Light
For Illuminator Kit
Color Blue
82315 -6AN Nitrous Purge Kit

Product Description

PURGE KIT (Part# 82010)
To be the quickest off the line, your nitrous system must deliver pure liquid nitrous from the first instant. The ZEX Nitrous Purge Kit clears unwanted vapor out of the system to assure rocket-like starts, essential for beating the competition off the line. The ZEX kit uses the largest solenoid and delivery system in the industry, creating the “snow machine” effect every racer wants.

Searching for the ultimate nitrous purge cloud effect? The new ZEX Dual Outlet Purge Kit creates a cool, “V” pattern nitrous cloud through the use of two discharge tubes to let you aim the nitrous purge. The ZEX kit uses the largest and highest flowing purge solenoid in the industry and includes all the parts you need for an easy installation on any nitrous system, regardless of manufacturer

LED PURGE KIT (Part# 82010 R/G/B)
A complete purge kit that delivers a vibrant and colorful 15-foot nitrous cloud!

The ZEX LED Purge Kit is compatible with any manufacturer’s nitrous system. It includes a complete nitrous purge kit, plus the addition of the award winning ZEX Purge Cloud LED Kit. The ZEX LED Purge Kit uses a high intensity LED light to illuminate the nitrous purge cloud. This LED is available in red, green or blue color and is powerful enough to illuminate a 15-foot cloud of nitrous, giving you a show stopping purge display.

  • Fits any manufacturer’s nitrous system
  • Ensures instant nitrous power off the line by clearing the delivery lines of unwanted vapor
  • Illuminates the purge-cloud to let the whole world know that you are nitrous equipped
  • Uses a special, high intensity LED to maximize the visual impact at night

Make any purge kit Illuminated! A focused beam hi-intensity LED assembly illuminates the purge-cloud, in your choice of colors, when you purge your nitrous lines.

Want to make them really take notice?

Install the new ZEX Rapid Fire Purge Module kit and you’ll really get their attention. Equipped with a set of ear plugs to ensure personal noise protection, the Rapid Fire Purge Module kit pulses any purge kit on the market regardless of brand. Release nitrous with a “machine gun” blast of noise and color to let them know you’re nitrous equipped.

The Rapid Fire Purge Module™ kit includes the Rapid Fire Module™, the award-winning Purge Cloud LED Light and all electrical connectors and wire. Everything you need for a complete and professional, 30 minute installation is included.

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